Removable dentures

1. How many types of dentures do you design?

FinesDent designs:

    -standard acrylic dentures

    -elastic bio-dentures

    -elastic bioplast dentures

    -combination of molded dental bugel

2. From which dentures can you make a total prosthesis?

From the acrylic and bioplast detures

3. How long do they endure?

If properly taken care of, they can endure for the whole life.

4. Which dentures are better?

There’s hardly a better denture. Every patient has his/her unique needs. That’s why which is the most suitable denture for the particular patient  is decided upon the “moment picture” of his/her dental condition after careful discussion with a laboratory expert.


Fixed dentures

5. What kind of fixed dentures do you design?

FinesDent designs almost all types of fixed dentures, including our own dentures of zirconium constructions or:

     - with metal base:

        - metal crowns

        - metal constructions with blende vestibular surfaces (blend ceramics)

        - metallo-ceramic crown

      - no metal framework:



            -press ceramics

            -zirconium – fully zirconium (full contour) and with zirconium base covered with porclain

6. What material can be used for a dental bridge with more than three members?

The most suitable materials are constructions with metal base and constructions with zirconium base for a dental bridge with more than three members.

7. Which material is suitable for inlays and facets?

For a perfect and endurable esthetic effect – press ceramics and zirconium.

8. What material to choose for a dental construction?

Our approach is to choose material that best suits the dental needs of the patient. For high esthetic effects we recommend light permeable materials such as non-metal constructions

9. How can we work with FinesDent?

FinesDent works with the leading delivery companies. When we’ve made your order it will be delivered directly to your address on time.