- Pure Ceramics

- Bio Friendly

- Precise Fitting 

- Lowered wearing off 

- Long-lasting clinically tested period of usage

- Crystal transparency, which leads to perfect esthetics

- Reasonable cost – high quality

Modern Classics

Due to the big demand for highly esthetic dental constructions at reasonable price Fines Dent offer the product Pure Ceramics.

The high light-reflective factor of the ceramics is as close as possible to the enamel of the real tooth. Its light throughput capability provides unique transparency. The exceptional strength allows the making of any type of dental crowns and bridges up to three members

Pure Ceramics is really affordable because the production process overcomes the expensive equipment for zirconium oxide dentures.

Bio – cristal® micro dentures  (Fines Dent Laboratory reserves the right to name the product.)

Bio – cristal® is a product with outstanding crystal clear transparency and aesthetic properties. It’s taken us nearly three years to develop prosthetics with highly aesthetic parameters. We’ve s specially designed Bio – cristal® for fine and delicate patients who face the dilemma to have their adjacent teeth filed or not in order to have a bridge put?"

Many companies such as Bredent - Germany (Brecristal), CDM - USA (Durafleks), Vertex - Germany (ThermoSens) etc. produce similar types of dentures.

It is advisable Bio - cristal® /kemeny/ micro dentures to be used as a temporary tooth extraction site guard for maximum two years. After this period, it is highly recommended the micro dentures to be replaced with new ones or other dental structure for which the patient didn’t have sufficient time to consider.

Bio - cristal® is another Fines Dent’s efficient, highly aesthetic and removable denture solution to dentists with patients with missing teeth.

Copy Dentures

Denture copying is a unique and effective solution to problems arising from a possible fracture of the old or current denture.

Fines Dent laboratory, for the first time in Bulgaria, has offered copy dentures to patients who are satisfied with their current dentures, but are afraid of the consequent inconveniences due to unexpected current denture breaking.

Dentures patients’ benefits:
  - Patients will always have an identical copy of their comfortable dentures at hand. They can use them anytime, anywhere.
  - Patients will put an end to hiding their mouth and the inconvenience while the dentures are being repaired.
  - Patients will always have a bright smile.

Bioplast Biocompatible Dentures

Bioplast biocompatible dentures are ideal for patients with partial or total edentulism. They are suitable for making both total and partial dentures.

Esthetic and unbreakable, Bioplast dentures are made in a shade of pink that is as close to the natural color of the gum. Bioplast dentures can also be colorless.

Fines Dent Bioplast Dentures:

 - health-friendly and comfortable ;

 - with reduced bone resorption / harder than "Nylon", which prevents undesired movements during chewing;

 - no denture colouring;

-  durable and not temporary as are other elastic dentures;

 - without metal hooks ;

 - inconspicuous with high aesthetic properties;

 - extremely accurate;

 - unbreakable when used proprerly;

 - no residual monomer ;

 - with reduced risk of allergic reactions;

 - with excellent polish like acrylic dentures.